How can SABABA MATH help my child understand math?

Sababa MAth provides a platform  where children can practice math in a safe and fun environment where exploration and curiosity is encouraged.

What age range do you cover in the kindergarten addition?

We cover all relevant math skills needed from a pre-school child and way above it, in order to provide the child with soft landing in prime school.

Can I try Sababa Math before I purchase?

Sure. Thats why we defind first 2 levels free of charge, for you to gain trust in our app.

How can I purchase Sababa Math?

Just click the download button, to download the app to your mobile phone, register, and there you go.

Can my child use Sababa Math independently?

Yes, he can, though we recommend on joining him every now and then to stress certain points.

How does the Math difficulty change over time?

Sababa Math’s content is based on a progressive learning system. As the child moves through each level previous concepts will be reinforced and new skill sets will be introduced.

How will my kid know how to play each game?

Sababa Math provides written and audio instructions, but the best way is learning through exploration. The games are self-explanatory and allows your kid to interact and solve each problem in multiple ways.

How does my kid complete a star or level?

Each star will be complete when your kid has answered questions correctly and returned their color to them. Your kid can replay activities to get more color coverage.

How long will it take my child to complete a each level/star?

Each child will progress through Sababa Math at their own pace, allowing them to develop deep  understanding of each desired skill.

On what devices can my child use Sababa Math?

Sababa Math is currently available on any android device of your choice. Our IOS apps for Apple devices will soon be launched.

What in the parents dashboard?

The parent dashboard is where you can log into your the parent account. From there you can follow your kid’s progress.

What do I do if i got more question or wish to contact Sababa team?

For any questions, issues, bugs or technical support, Please email support@sababaedu.com