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Over 70 Math and Logic games Covering Preschool Math


Math is boring? NO!

Boys are better at Math? NO!

Math is for geniuses? NO!

Math is Scary? NO!


  • Counting up to 5

  • Counting up to 10

  • Counting up to 20

  • Place value up to 20

  • Place value up to 40

  • Speed counting

  • Recognizing quantity

  • Recognizing ten

  • Quantity sense

  • Sorting up to 5

  • Sorting up to 10

  • Sorting up to 20

  • Match up to 10

  • Match up to 20

  • Making ten with fingers, numbers and objects

  • Making ten with two and three numbers

  • Adding up to 5

  • Adding up to 10

  • Adding three numbers

  • Decomposing 10

  • Decomposing numbers

  • Subtracting up to 5

  • Subtracting up to 10

  • Finding the missing subtrahend

  • Collecting data

  • Analyzing data

  • Comparing quantities

  • At most and at least

  • Composing shapes

  • Measuring mass

  • Measuring length

  • Using scales

  • Adding up to 10

  • Completing patterns

  • Recognizing patterns

Student Results Have improved by 29% After Using SABABA


Our students come to love math via a joyful gaming process like the aliens counting

The Jewish MATH Way Shows Proven Success

Let your kid enjoy the fruit of the ancient Jewish Math wizards. SABABA MATH is the modern teaching strategy that will lead your kid to the same success path.


Our team is comprised of Math education experts in addition to gaming wizards, with clear target of full math studies gamification.

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